Simulating technological development: sneak peek!

As previously stated, we’re seeking to simulate the development, adoption, and modification – in short, the evolution – of technologies. Here’s a sneak peek of the sort of shiny output our computing clusters will soon be churning out. Hopefully :). Click on the image to open a larger PDF!

The lines (edges) in the graph indicate the “parentage” of different technologies. For simplicity, only one parent is considered, for now. Node colors indicate the technological level, from red for simple technologies to blue and violet for more advanced ones. As you can see, some technologies sprout a large number of subsequent technologies, while others have only limited uses. But uses nonetheless!

To do: lots of stuff, including multiple parents, horizontal knowledge transfer, branching vs blending, &c, &c.



See the previous posts on ADDER model and radical innovation.

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  1. Cheers! It’s perfect time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy.

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