Design against climate change – suggestions for a project?

They say crowdsourcing is the thing nowadays, so let’s try it out.

A friend in California, who happens to be an excellent industrial designer, has for quite some time been interested in climate change and related issues. Recently, he asked me for recommendations for projects that seek to make the world a better place in this regard and that could use his skills and, perhaps, some investment.

I thought this was an excellent idea: the value of good design can be incalculable, especially in products and services that are supposed to be used by actual humans. And this guy is seriously good in design – as in “one of the best in the world.” He also happens to be a very smart, very nice, and extremely passionate about what he’s doing. I can guarantee that having his expertise, passion and contacts in play, any project or startup will have a significantly higher chance of making a real dent in the world.

But! Off the top of my head, I couldn’t say which project might be a good fit for his skills and interests. Therefore, I ask thee, my dear readers: do you have any ideas for projects for him?

So, please spread the word and put forward suggestions, either in the comments section below, in twitter (@jmkorhonen), or through e-mail ( I’ll make sure the suggestions go forward!

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  1. crf says:

    Too little information …
    Where’s his CV?

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