Finnish version of “Climate Gamble” now out!


A shortish treatise on climate change and nuclear power, Uhkapeli ilmastolla – vaarantaako ydinvoiman vastustus maailman tulevaisuuden? (Climate Gamble – is anti-nuclear movement endangering the world’s future?) is now in press and can be pre-ordered here. The book discusses the state of climate mitigation, what IPCC and other expert bodies are saying about it, and how the claims that nuclear power cannot help in this fight are wildly misleading. Besides yours truly, a PhD student and a long-time energy commentator, it’s authored by two-time non-fiction award nominee Rauli Partanen. Besides the nice cover image pictured here, it’s jam-packed with informative infographics to help anyone understand why we’re facing a climate crisis and why we need all the tools at our disposal – particularly that one tool which has a proven track record for killing fossil fuels!

While the book is now available only in Finnish (we have a parliamentary election coming up and wanted to prioritize), we are working on an English version as well. Follow this blog to stay informed; for news about the Finnish version, visit the book’s official page:

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  1. LoboSolo says:

    I’ll be looking forward to the English version!

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