Hi there! I’m Janne and I study various things related to technology and society. This website is an extension of the research notebooks I keep on my computer and in my briefcase. What you will find is a) academic stuff, b) mostly older posts about energy systems and c) random stuff I don’t know a better place for. There is no overarching theme besides being a repository of whatever I get around to writing.

My other blogs, in Finnish, can be found at http://yyyy.puheenvuoro.uusisuomi.fi and http://jmkorhonen.fi.

I have a PhD from Aalto University School of Business and a M.Sc. from Helsinki University of Technology.

You can find me through the comments on this site, or follow me in Twitter: @jmkorhonen.

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  1. Jack Reher says:

    I dig your writing and thoughts. Please contact me… I have something to discuss.

  2. I don’t know” but here is a working link: James makes very clear, that Nuclear would have saved us!

  3. He very clearly mentions Methane Hydrats” the 10,000 billion tons of Gas in the Arctic, which are now active:Siberia’s Growing Doorway 2 Hell!
    2014 there were 4 Bubbles!
    2016 there were 15 Bubbles!
    2017 there were 7000! Gas Expansion rate: 2016-2017
    Increased 466 times in 1 year!
    2021 it will be 1 million + Bubbles!
    10,000 billion tons of Methane Gas!

  4. Methane: Siberia’s Growing Doorway 2 Hell Offers Clues on Climate Change The Science says +5 degrees C 2050!
    The biggest crises in Human History” as the 7 Global experts all say COP23 will lead to +C5!

  5. Sorry it will not load: Expert talks Arctic Permafrost Thaw (May 2017) Published on 11 May 2017
    At the event How is climate impacting the Arctic, what does this mean & what can we do? hosted by The Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC), at the University of Alaska Fairbanks May 11, 2017. Professor of Geophysics Vladimir Romanovsky discusses the impact of Arctic permafrost thaw. Related

  6. Energy Crisis? It never existed! 10,000 billion tons of Methane! A temperature sensitive Gas! http://www.wou.edu/las/physci/Energy/Gas_Hydrates.html

  7. Risk Nr:1 Arctic & Permafrost! 10,000 billion tons of Methane! A temperature sensitive Gas!
    99% of Climate Science, is in total denial” as the Gas makes all there work obsolete!
    If the 1% of Climate Science is Not included it’s over!
    For those who do not know much about this Gas here is Miriam Kastner” with a detailed explanation, on Methane Hydratres” which the IPCC has not includede as it would mean FULL STOP Oil Coal Gas as early as 2000!

  8. Key her is: That it was thought that it took 10,000 years of Methan Hydrate Gas Expansion” but detailed studies of Ice cores showed like James Lovelock also mentioned” a rapid rise of temperatures took only 13 years” as just one bubble that laptev sea can triple our combined Co2 over 200 years in that time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlMFZYOY2EE

  9. Natalia Shakhova new study 2017 : explains just how dangerous the situation in the Laptev sea is at present” as the water column is very shallow: 50 to 60 meter Not 300 meters” we are talking 20,000 square kilometres of gas; were the Gas layer normally held back by Permafrost is not 1000 to 2000 meters thick” but 20,000 meters thick layer of temperature sensitive Gas:

  10. Why make this presentation? Why would I risk reputation all of it?
    Ask Dr. Igor Semilietov any of the 7!
    Arctic methane Gas emission! Is public & financial market risk Nr:1!

  11. 2016 before the Rapid Gas Expansion in Russia going from 15 to 7000 Bubbles in just 1 year:
    Here is what Cambridge University has to say to the situation at the IPCC and the 99% of Mainstream Climate Science:
    Better wording than Alarmist ! when it comes to Arctic Seafloor
    & Permafrost Methane: Prof. Peter Wadhams Cambridge University explains it well!
    99% of climate science scream! ice is melting polar Bears!
    Then 99% turn around stating! Things around the melting ice”
    stay frozen? It’s so outrageous” It’s not even funny!
    I must stress this is 2016 not 2017!

  12. Here is Charles Miller NASA this is 2013″ again before the Current Gas temperature driven Expansion in Russia 2016 to 2017: the Science at the IPCC is truly devastating, like James Lovelock warned about as early as 2009, as nobody or 99% of Climate Science included the effects of 10,000 billlion tons of Gas” in-order to protect there own work, which in-fact was already obsolete:

  13. We have been out of control for some time now as the 99% have not included this Gas in any model: We are OUT OF CONTROL! EQUALS thousands of lakes!
    EACH lake emitting Co2 like a small City! Methane is driving global warming! http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/08/bubbling-lakes-methane-seeps-alaska/

  14. +2C is a COP23 spread sheet! Arctic methane shows” Reality Straight to +5 degrees Celsius!

  15. We need to face facts” Fossil fuel burn due to Greenpeace 100% WindSolar is totally out of Control from A to Z” or the COP is the biggest Climate disaster in history, as it dose not and has not reduced fossile emissions just one bit” on the contrary” all we hear is PR from A to Z, of reductions that have never taken place at all: here are the missing Charts which the IPCC has kept from us all:

  16. James Loveluck the man who closed the hole in the Ozone-hole” who like James Hansen said enough is enough” and went privat: as nobody at the COP would use real data just to say 100% WindSolar” the most Genius Oil Coal gas campaign ever:

  17. Sorry : Close the hole in the Ozone-layer”:)

  18. But if the Sulfur fuel is burned at hight not Ships! Temperature
    Will drop 1 deg+ Globally in 48 hours” dimming reverse” 911! http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xudm8n_bbc-global-dimming-documentary-about-geoengineering-global-warming_people

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