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A Very Short And Fairly Understandable Introduction to Models

Created Monday 29 June 2020 At …and Then There’s Physics , there was a post about the recent Nature comment on a “modelling manifesto”, “Five ways to ensure that models serve society”. I’ve despaired in the past about some of … Continue reading

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Modeling Societal Collapse as a Result of Stingy Support for PhD Students

Editor’s note: recent publication of a study about the coming collapse of civilizations has most probably encouraged the author to submit this work for review. Due to its nature, we felt it best to present it to the whole world … Continue reading

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Graphic of the Week: What’s the required build rate for a sustainable energy system?

One aspect of energy system that’s largely ignored is the ultimate sustainable capacity that can be achieved with a given rate of installation. Accustomed as we are to news about renewables breaking new installation records, we may overlook the fact … Continue reading

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Simulating technological development: sneak peek!

As previously stated, we’re seeking to simulate the development, adoption, and modification – in short, the evolution – of technologies. Here’s a sneak peek of the sort of shiny output our computing clusters will soon be churning out. Hopefully :). … Continue reading

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ADDER: A proposal for an improved model for studying technological evolution

In this paper, me and Julia Kasmire from Delft University of Technology introduce an improved, simplified computer simulation model for studying technological evolution. The paper was presented by yours truly at the 26th European Conference on Modeling and Simulation in … Continue reading

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Crises are “come as you are” events, not springboards, simulations say

My PhD research topic deals with resource constraints and, by implication, resource shocks such as the oil crisis of 1973 – and the current slow-mo energy crisis. What I’m trying to do is to sort out whether sudden constraints, such … Continue reading

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Explaining the evolution of technologies, firms, and industries: some notes on my PhD thesis methodology

Here’s the presentation I gave at our faculty’s research seminar in late October 2010. I’m interested in using Complexity Theories and Information Theory to analyze the evolution of technology as a result of resource constraints. This presentation looks into my … Continue reading

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