Ihagee Auto Ultrix Zweiformat


Ihagee Auto Ultrix serial 112947

Ihagee Auto Ultrix Zweiformat.

This is probably my favorite camera right now. It’s a dual-format camera that takes 6×9 negatives when the internal mask is removed, and 6×4.5 pics with it installed. The objective is a 105 mm f/7.7, meaning that this isn’t a tool for night photography, and shutter speeds include Z (locking the shutter open), B (shutter stays open as long as it’s pressed), 1/25, 1/50 and 1/100. Only the last one is useful for snapshots, given that 105 mm focal length and 1/50 shutter speed tend to produce shaken images. Serial number is 112 947, which seems to indicate that this example has been manufactured probably around 1928-29. I found it in a second-hand store, in almost mint condition, the original leather pouch still included.


Early attempts at colour photography using Portra 400 film. Getting the exposure and focus just right is quite difficult!

Some snapshots from EGOS 2017 conference (July 2017) and my trip to Copenhagen, in Ilford HP5+ and Kodak 400TMY-2.


EGOS 2017

Probably my favorite so far. Estimated exposure time to about 1 second, held the camera steady against a staircase railing.