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The environmental policy of Finnish ecomodernists, in brief

Ecomodernism is a new environmental movement. Many people have asked whether there is anything new to it, or whether it is, as one commenter put it, a slogan searching for a meaning. Fair enough: so far, we’ve been content with … Continue reading

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Why I am an Ecomodernist

“Ecomodernism is an environmental movement that seeks to defend and enhance the environment’s well-being while simultaneously increasing possibilities for human prosperity. For ecomodernists, both the vitality and diversity of natural world and the existence and progress of humanity are fundamental … Continue reading

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Shares of electricity generation in four countries

Shares of electricity generating technologies in four sample countries. “Fossils” include coal, oil, gas and peat. “Clean” includes renewables (inc. hydro) and nuclear. Data from World Bank/IEA statistics. Might want to see this as well: Total electricity generated, kWh   … Continue reading

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