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Never use the word “consumer”. Here’s why.

A public service announcement to everybody concerned about environmental and social issues: when writing or talking, refrain from the use of the word “consumer” if at all possible. There is considerable empirical evidence that merely using the word, instead of … Continue reading

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Graphic of the week: Comparing land use of wind and nuclear energy

Nuclear energy is often claimed to be environmentally harmful technology, especially when contrasted with renewables such as wind power. However, these claims are rarely accompanied by proper sources. This may be because comparisons using actual science do not really support … Continue reading

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“Graph” of the Week: What happens if nuclear waste repository leaks?

Lately, I’ve been spending some time reading through reports on nuclear waste management. What is striking is how conservative the calculations seem to be; for example, the report by Posiva (the Finnish company responsible for the world’s first civilian nuclear … Continue reading

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The stagnation of clean energy, with more detail

Inspired by Mark Lynas’s new book “Nuclear 2.0” and Roger Pielke Jr’s excellent post “Clean Energy Stagnation,” here’s my graph of the week. It’s the same graph used by Pielke fils, showing the clean energy as a share of world’s primary … Continue reading

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Mark Lynas’ “Nuclear 2.0:” The case for a Grand Alliance of Low Carbon

As a PhD researcher and an environmentalist who is deeply concerned about the utter lack of progress in reducing CO2 emissions, it has been dismaying to follow how the mainstream environmental movement has been spending money and energy in fighting … Continue reading

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Electricity generation statistics: this time with five countries :)

The previous post had a simple graph showing electricity generation in four sample countries. Two of the countries had chosen to embrace nuclear energy, while two are known as the champions of renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass, and wave power). … Continue reading

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