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The stagnation of clean energy, with more detail

Inspired by Mark Lynas’s new book “Nuclear 2.0” and Roger Pielke Jr’s excellent post “Clean Energy Stagnation,” here’s my graph of the week. It’s the same graph used by Pielke fils, showing the clean energy as a share of world’s primary … Continue reading

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Electricity generation statistics: this time with five countries :)

The previous post had a simple graph showing electricity generation in four sample countries. Two of the countries had chosen to embrace nuclear energy, while two are known as the champions of renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass, and wave power). … Continue reading

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Shares of electricity generation in four countries

Shares of electricity generating technologies in four sample countries. “Fossils” include coal, oil, gas and peat. “Clean” includes renewables (inc. hydro) and nuclear. Data from World Bank/IEA statistics. Might want to see this as well: Total electricity generated, kWh   … Continue reading

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