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Dear Scots; vote again, we want toll-free haggis

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Graphic of the week: Comparing land use of wind and nuclear energy

Nuclear energy is often claimed to be environmentally harmful technology, especially when contrasted with renewables such as wind power. However, these claims are rarely accompanied by proper sources. This may be because comparisons using actual science do not really support … Continue reading

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“Graph” of the Week: What happens if nuclear waste repository leaks?

Lately, I’ve been spending some time reading through reports on nuclear waste management. What is striking is how conservative the calculations seem to be; for example, the report by Posiva (the Finnish company responsible for the world’s first civilian nuclear … Continue reading

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“Graph” of the Week: Fukushima tritium leak in context

The “massive” tritium leak to sea from Fukushima since 2011 equals the tritium content of about 22 to 44 self-luminescent EXIT signs. More info about exit signs here:

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